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Jenny Thomas is a Voice, Speech, Dialect, Accent and Singing Coach with a background in opera and theater. She is also a working voice over actor and is represented by Radical Artists Agency. She has been teaching voice for 25 years and working in the voice over industry for almost 20 years. Jenny has been active in the Denver Improv Community and is a graduate of The Bovine Metropolis School of Improv. She earned a Master of Music in Voice Performance from the University of Connecticut and a Master of Fine Arts in Voice Training and Coaching for the Theater from The National Theater Conservatory at The Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Jenny has taught individuals from all walks of life, from actors, to CEOs. She is also currently a Teaching Artist at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and has taught at The University of Denver, The University of Colorado in Boulder and Denver, The Denver School of the Arts, The Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, and Metropolitan State University of Denver, among others.

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"Jennifer has a certain genius when it comes to the human voice. Over the course of three months, Jennifer helped me take a full diagnostic on my voice and tactfully empowered me to improve on the issues I found troubling. Specifically, she noticed poor breathing habits and unnecessary tension that were the root causes for most of what I perceived as problematic. Her keen ear and attention to detail are second to none. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to improve their voice and speaking abilities."
Jackson - Technology Strategist

"I’d spent most of adulthood with the knowledge that people frequently did not hear me or understand me. It was frustrating but I chalked it up to being soft-spoken by nature. After hearing stories of other professionals who went through voice training to sound more authoritative and project more, I went in search of someone who could do the same for me. After just a couple sessions with Jennifer, the difference was marked. It’s not that my voice was no longer recognizable to friends and family, the changes were more subtle, but the results were huge. Now I don’t get “What did you say?” or the conversations that abruptly end because no one wants to ask me to speak up. It’s also greatly improved the confidence I feel when speaking to clients. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone in a similar situation without hesitation."

Anna - Energy Consultant


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