Voice Coaching Services

The diversity of people I have worked with include:

actors for stage, film and voice-over, teachers/trainers, lawyers, judges, speakers, corporate managers, business professionals, pastors/ministers, physicians, accountants, radio and television personalities, singers, puppeteers, storytellers, ventriloquists, auctioneers, entrepreneurs, city planners, authors/writers, IT professionals, sales professionals, customer service representatives, marketing executives, police detectives, psychologists/life coaches, pilates/yoga instructors, masseuses, bartenders, scientists, politicians, and stay-at-home moms

Voice-Over/On Camera

Accent Modification

Vocal Health & Anatomy


Text Analysis

Shakespearean Verse

International Phonetic Alphabet

Breathing and Alignment

Projection and Resonance

Inflection and Pitch

Speech and Articulation

Voice/Body Communication

Dialects and Accents


I work with students one-on-one as well as in the classroom to help each person understand and improve their voice. 

Topics include:

“As a public speaker for Hewlett-Packard, I use my voice a lot. I slur my words and mumble a lot...so I enlisted the help of Jennifer. I have been attending Jennifer’s training on a regular basis for several months now and my audiences and I have really seen a huge improvement.  Jennifer has taught me the art of professional speaking and her level of expertise still manages to impress me.”

--Michael Opie


Voice Coaching