If any of these questions resonate with you, you’re not alone.

I have helped hundreds of professional voice-users learn to speak with power and purpose.  You can learn how to earn respect and be heard by changing the way you speak.  You can develop skills to keep your voice healthy and resilient. You can acquire better diction, variety in expression and an appealing voice quality that gets noticed in a positive way. You can learn to take control of your breath to be able to handle an anxious voice.  And you can learn to understand your voice so that you can respect the powerful instrument that belongs only to you.

My most important goal as a voice coach is to help people communicate effectively, by intimately understanding the voice and its connection to the mind and body. Voice work can help improve job performance, transform interpersonal relationships, and help artists flourish in their craft. 

You are entitled to communicate your ideas, passions and beliefs with confidence and integrity. You have only one voice. It's your voice.

Jennifer Thomas


  1. Do you find that people don't notice you, respect you or listen to you?

  2. Does your voice often feel tired, fatigued or hoarse?

  3. Do you find yourself getting tongue-tied or slurring your words?

  4. Do you feel your voice is boring, uninteresting and unexpressive?

  5. Do you suffer from stage fright?

  6. Do you hate the sound of your voice?