1. What do you as a voice coach do?

  2. I help people develop the tools to understand their voice, then to learn to effect change and therefore empower themselves to speak better--with more authority, clarity, conviction and effectiveness.

  3. How do you work with your students?

  4. I consider each person individually---their background, their voice issues, the degree of sensitivity they have to their particular voice issues, the impact of each voice issue on their lives, and the unique qualities of their personality. Given these variables, I am able to develop a strategy to help people move past barriers and begin to change bad habits. This leads to developing new habits for lifelong change and a new way of using their voice.

  5. Are you a therapist?

  6. No. I am not a therapist, nor do I profess to be one. I am a teacher and a coach.  However, the voice is sensitive and complex and intertwined with everything a person has experienced in their life. If I ever feel a student’s issues are beyond my scope of expertise, I will refer them to the appropriate professional, whether it be a voice doctor, psychologist or other expert. 

  7. Will this work change my personality?  I don’t want to lose the essential voice that I have.

  8. You will always be who you are and nothing you or I do, short of physical intervention can change your true, essential voice and person.  What we can do is change bad habits that interfere with your authentic voice. I help you strip away the behaviors that create the poor projection or sloppy diction or nasal sound. It is a journey of discovery and change that will give you a better version of what you already have. 

  9. Will I see results quickly?

  10. Although in many cases, I can help people with immediate needs or short-term problems through tips, tricks and exercises that will improve their situation quickly, generally the work you and I do is not instantaneous.  In the short term, you will become aware of your voice in a way you have never experienced.  This is very empowering because it shines a light on the reality of your situation.  Beyond this, it becomes your job to do the work---practice the exercises, make the changes as best you can, and above all be patient. It’s my job to guide you through the journey, giving feedback and direction. Just like a pianist doesn’t learn to play Beethoven overnight, for you it can take weeks or months to change your voice.  But the changes that come with hard work and diligence will change your life.