Dialects and Accents

British Received Pronunciation, Cockney, Yorkshire, Scottish (Glasgow and Highlands), Irish (Northern and Southern), Welsh, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, French, Belgian, German (High German and Bavarian), Austrian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Greek, Arabic, African, Jamaican, Israeli, South African, Yiddish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Australian, New Zealand, Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian, Native American, United States (California, New Mexico, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago, Upstate New York, Brooklyn NYC, Queens NYC, Long Island NYC, Baltimore, Boston, New England, New Orleans, Tennessee, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Colorado/Wyoming, Kansas/Nebraska), Canada (Toronto, Saskatchewan), Inuit, Filipino, Shakespeare, Archaic dialects, Old and Middle English, Exotic dialects, Fictional dialects, plus any dialect by request.

"I went to Jennifer for help with a dialect.  I came away with much more.  Jennifer gave me an expanded awareness on how I could use my voice to tell a story.  She gave me the tools to break down text and find different meanings.  I would highly recommend her for the serious actor or anyone who just wants to communicate more effectively."  --Deana Leinheardt


Dialects and Accents

I am a master dialect and accent instructor, with a repertoire of over 50 dialects and accents. 

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