Her journey began early on, where little did she know that the teaching
lectures behind the dollhouse podium, the cooking shows she hosted in "french," the radio commercials she and her brother produced, and the harmony "tracks" she recorded on the tape recorder to accompany her singing, would be the origins of the expertise, experience, creativity, talent and discipline she now offers her students and clients.

Jennifer's dream as a young adult was to become an opera singer. She wanted a travel-the-world-and-sing-with-Pavarotti kind of career. So she studied intensively at the University of Colorado in Boulder and the University of Connecticut, earning a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Voice Performance. Along the way, she performed in operas and concerts, learned to speak German, Italian and French, and grew to understand and love the singing voice and all its styles. She developed her own lyric soprano voice and became a mature, opera-ready artist.

Then came a curve in the career road.  An opportunity presented itself that was too wonderful to pass up. Jennifer was accepted to the prestigious Theatre Voice Coaching Master's Degree Program at the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver. It now became clear to Jennifer that studying the singing voice was not enough. She needed to study the speaking voice as well in order to have a complete understanding of her instrument. Through her studies of the anatomy and physiology of the voice, breathing, projection, diction, inflection, Shakespeare and language, dialects and accents, pop and jazz singing styles, and of course, the art of teaching, Jennifer emerged a voice coach.

Now for 15 years, Jennifer has been drawing on the depth and breadth of her knowledge of the voice to help voice-users from all walks of life. From actors and singers, to ventriloquists and auctioneers;  from lawyers and teachers to pastors and radio talk show personalities, Jennifer makes a difference in people’s lives. Whether she is teaching classes at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Arvada Center; seminars at Charles Schwab or Teletech; workshops for public schools and storyteller groups; or dialect coaching for plays at the University of Colorado or the Denver School of the Arts, Jennifer's coaching skills are unique and in demand.

Jennifer is also a professional voice-over actor, having voiced commercials for Qdoba, Charter Communications, Grease Monkey, Dish Network, Globus Travel, Blue Cross and Leapfrog. She is with the agency Donna Baldwin Talent in Denver, Colorado.

Jennifer continues to sing, to speak foreign languages, and now is a skilled long-form improv actor, along with her husband Jamie, who both completed a 9-month training program at the Bovine Metropolis Theater in Denver. She and Jamie belong to two improv groups, "Nitrous Oxide" and "Funishment". 




Jennifer Thomas is not your ordinary voice coach.